Friday, March 20, 2009

Hangin' with Sandi & The Spaghetti Chronicles

It was fun hangin' with my sister: uber mom (of four) and devoted wife (to Ivan). She's an awesome lady that Sandi Ortiz. (I will share more about our friendship in a future post.) This weekend they head for a vacation to the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. We went to the Goodwill in Port Charlotte; she found some deals on a couple of clothing items and I went gaga over the books.

I am a book hoarder. I love books, love to read. I don't have time for it like I used to, but that friend, is only temporary. I purchased seven inspirational books. The one I am excited about the most is Stories Behind the Best Loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins. I love hymns, and Christmas songs are one of the aspects of Christmas that I enjoy the most. In fact, we are known for popping a Christmas CD in the car in the middle of spring - we'll play it anytime, anywhere - we don't care! Being a hystory buff will make this find an extra treat!

I took a wrong turn on the way to the store, but it turned out to be providential, or something. I went down Spring Lake Blvd. and we were in awe of the large beautifully landscaped, waterfront homes with plenty of land separating them. With sunset only an hour away, the drive was peaceful. When I first moved to the area, I would purposely take wrong turns just to find short cuts (where I don't have to wait at traffic lights), and discover neighborhoods that I did not know existed. I will definitely consider Spring Lake when I do my house hunting, this Spring. We shared our love of homes surrounded by of shade, woodsy even; trees are just beautiful. We need shade in this town that can get pretty hot in the summer months.

I only had time to peruse two shelves at Goodwill; we were getting kicked out (closing time was 8pm). We headed to Panera Bread and shared Frozen Cafe Mochas. I must make a note to self - don't drink anything but decaf, no matter how good it is! I am sitting here feeling like I am about to jump out of my skin! Caffeine indused anxiety is coursing through my veins. Yikes - I really can't hold down coffee. Love the taste, but its dangerous man dude. At work they warn folks not to give me any, because I can't stop talking. I talk in circles (kind of like what I'm doing now). Its hard to keep up with me when I'm on coffee, dude. It wears off like a hang over; headaches and everything. I am experiencing the high now, heart is racin' bud. I could probably lift this monitor and do about 30 reps; I'm en fuego man!

I need to sleep now. I have a busy day tomorrow. 9am is my hair appointment with Juana; afterward I will head over to Chic-Fil-A, for Community Christian Schools' car wash (gotta support the boys' school - car could use a bath). I will swing home to grab the boys and take them over to a memorial fundraiser event, for Sara Dian Heinemen's family. Sara was the daughter of Carri Ann, a teacher I worked for at Liberty Elementary in 2004. She teaches the emotionally handicapped children (the ones everyone avoids). I really enjoyed those kids. Sara was probably 3 years old at the time, the youngest of 3 girls. The day before Valentines day, she was with her dad Rick and her sister Madison on her way home. A drunk driver who drove a truck ran over their mustang (Rick loved that car). Rick is still recovering in Bayfront Medical Center, Madison is out of All Childrens Hospital in stable condition, but Sara died on Sunday, February 22. I read the story in the local paper. I just can't imagine the myriad of feelings Cari Ann must be experiencing; and Rick, he was still in ICU at Bayfront. What must it have been like, for him when he heard the news, and not be able to leave the hospital and see his girls? I pray that the Lord will help me to identify with her, so that I can encourage her. I hope she will be there tomorrow (or later today - its now 12:09am); I didn't get to attend the funeral. I just pray I don't say anything stupid. I just want to be sincere. Gosh. There were times when I used to have these scenarios in my head of what I would feel like if one of my boys died, if they all died. I imagine the funeral, I start bawling as if they are already gone. The Lord reminds me that I must take captive every thought, making it obedient to Christ.

My mind is truly like spaghetti guys. Well Chad Eastham says that all girls have minds like spaghetti. They can't seem to stay on one subject. He says that men are like waffles, they compartmentalize everything. They can't keep up with these spaghetti minds. But imagine a spaghetti mind on caffeine. Heck, you don't have to imagine it, you are experiencing it now! My mom puts coffee on her rose bushes as fertilizer. There, I feel better now....

Speaking of mom (fooled you - thought I was done - not; thought I was too), I will be seeing her later. I want to take her to see Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail. Mom needs to laugh; she has to endure hours of complaining from dad - she says she's used to it. How can you get used to that? I'll have to make sure its clean (profanity free). Then again, I may move the movie date to Sunday; too many things in one day. Can't trust myself to plan a day on caffeine...

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  1. I had a lovely time! Thanks for shopping with me and for joining me in a Frozen Mocha drink! I was up till almost midnight stairing at the ceiling :)