Monday, July 13, 2009

Cast him out!

Greetings Rosebuds!

Have you ever tried to complete a project without reading the instructions? Have you ever taken a short cut only to get delayed by a detour? How did you feel? FRUSTRATED? The memory of Sunday afternoon at the ball game felt this way.

"Whenever I go to the game, they always lose. I think its me." I knew something was wrong with his statement. "You will have what you say," I'd tell Alex. "Mom, hurry up. We are going to be late," Matthew throws in. "I bet its going take one hour to walk to the field. We're gonna lose." Inside I was screaming "UGGGGGGGGGGH!" "What is wrong with these kids?" At my feeble attempts to correct them, I said "Where is your faith? This is supposed to be fun!" There was truth in my motivation to ask this, but I was still missing it. I felt opressed, tormented. Making attempts to deal with these attitudes, within my own power, was useless. Without the name of Jesus, my muscles are smaller than a peanut. Pretty tiny.

Our five minute walk to the field brought us into the "promise land", but section 146 was no where in sight. Matthew's frustration is starting to reach a boiling point. "We have to walk all the way around? Oh man!" I'm thinking for a ten year old, he surely is acting like an old man. I was having fun and Alex's began to relax, but Matthew was a man on a mission. "What's he complaining about?"
I have to pause here and share that my boys are fun loving and extremely gifted. I learn so much from Alex's simple, yet profound way of looking at the details of life which are often overlooked. Matthew is a sponge and has an ever expanding brain. He hears from God and is used by Him to encourage my own growth. They are rooted and established in love. So as you hear my thoughts, know that they were temporary and fleeting. I don't speak negative attributes over my boys.

We had corner seats -perfect. Selected by moi, these seats would allow a gazillion trips to the bathroom and concession stand without disturbing the fans. Game starts and this is where I check out mentally. Not completely. I cheer with everyone else, but it is not all that genuine - cause I don't understand the game friends. The boys, they are pretty good and explain a few things to me. No score for the first 6 innings. Alex appears sad about it. The Rays pick up the first 3 runs - all is well in Tropicanna Field!

We miss a play - there's booing in the crowd. "Matthew told me to leave him alone when I asked him a question about it." (He did other things like this to antagonize his little brother). "Matthew tell us what happened." "Just pay attention!", he says. I don't remember what I said to him; I know a threat was involved. Its the seventh inning and Rays score no more, for the remainder of the game. Alex says, "see I told you. They never win when I am there." So sad. Matthew begins his disertation on how the Rays stink, this was a complete waste of time, I don't want to wait in line for Alex to run the bases, lets go home. So I think I look like a Cherokee at this point, ready to purposely erupt some hot lava on my son. All the while I wonder, where are my kids anyway? Who are these impostors?

Alex had fun, but I was angry with Matthew. How could he say it was a waste of time? It was his idea to do this, this summer. I actually would have enjoyed myself more if he wasn't complaining so much.

The kids are light hearted on the way to the parking lot. The boys are bouncing around and I am mad. The sunshine skyway bridge appears under this beautiful sunset and I just start letting in to Matthew. Then I feel bad, because he is totally misunderstanding what I am saying to him appearing hurt. Then it hits me...well the Lord hit me, upside the inside of my head. "If you would have asked me what to do, I would have told you." In fact, he already has. In Mark 16:17 Jesus says, "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons;..." "Peggy, you would have been all right if you'd have just casted him out." Its true. I don't know why I didn't think of it. It certainly was all an attack of the enemy. The bible tells me that I have the power to cast him out.

So as I sat driving and marveling at a missed opportunity. I exchanged peace for futile thinking. I quickly changed my thoughts so it wouldn't spill over into self pity and guilt, although it crept at my door. I just began to speak to the devil and say "Satan, in the name of Jesus, leave my Matthew and Alex alone. Get up and get out." Just as simple as that. It took a few hours but by evening, my boys were the same joyous kids I know. Our coversation was sweet and reconciliation covered it. He even told me why the crowd booed. I said Matthew, "you know love covers a multitude of sins?"

You know what, it happened again today. On the way to vacation bible school, they cried " why are you forcing us to go? You are ruining our summer. We want to go to grandma's house and do what we want." I know, "watch foolish television shows on cable or get the Word of God in you and have a great time? Hmmm. Let's see...." Gimme a break. I wasn't falling for Satan's tricks again. I held it together. As calm as I could be I kept repeating to them that they were going to have a great time, I know what's best and they need to trust me as their mom. I would not lead them into a horrible time. Matthew screamed and cried fat tears of anguish. Alex looked betrayed with tears in his eyes. Good grief. I wasn't afraid, just a bit agitated on the inside, but not with them. So I said it again, "Satan you come out of Matthew and Alex right now, in Jesus name" (can't forget that). They cried even louder and harder. They just thought I was making fun of them and being mean. Lies, all lies, from the one bendt on stealing, killin' and destroyin'. It took ten minutes to get them all inside, but they stayed and LOVED IT. "Sorry I was mad at you mom. I forgive you. It was OK. Nah! It was awesome! It was crazy!"

Our children are precious and he can't have them. Our mind is sound, and we cannot allow the enemy to have a picnic there. Cast him out!

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