Monday, May 11, 2009

Zumba - Yeah Baby!

I woke up to a sea of disarray. I was determined not to touch it, or be consumed by it. BJ was with a friend until the evening, and the boys, well, they were going to spend the day with Ma and Pa. This was Mother's Day weekend and I had to train myself to not try and clean. BJ would help once he arrived home, and the little guys would do their part too.

I finally had the opportunity to attend Zumba at the Higher Ground Performing Arts studio. My friend Andrea has been raving about the class. I anticipated it. I loved it. I cannot describe the amount the of sweat that dripped from every pore in my body, only 15 minutes into the class. Our Latino dance instructor was creative and tough. The Afro Cuban beats, the salsa, reggae tone was nastalgic for me. We grew up dancing the night away with my parents. The Haitian music was at the forefront, as well; the style was quite similar. Our instructor asked me my name and if I danced. I told her how much I liked to dance. In fact, it has been quite a while since I danced. My high school days, to be exact. I was so excited at an opportunity to do something I enjoy and not feel like I was formally exercising. There were times I felt like laying out - prostrate on the floor. There were times when I just wanted to stand there and say "are you kidding me." I wanted to say no, but inside I kept saying yes, yes! The more I looked at my thighs, the more I kept moving and praising God that the day is going to come when they will disappear, and only muscle will remain. Yee Haw, or Hallelujah!

And guess what? On Thursdays they do the Total Body Blast. Does that not sound like an incentive to go to class? It sounds like video game laser surgery - love it. This class will mostly involve floor work - we can speak to those abs to come forth, and break through the fat, or blast through. Huh...huh.. I had so much energy, which truly defies the myth that exercise will make you tired. Quite the contrary.

I made it a point to tell the instructor: "I'LL BE BACK!"

I'm ready. Really I am. I want to get back in shape again. I have such a great responsibility with my boys, and with much I know the Lord has called me to do, for Him. I need the energy to be the mom with the "third arm." Someone prophesied that over me recently- He would grow me a (supernatural) third arm that would allow me to get the job done (of course He's doing it). I say "Lord, wears my third arm?" I need it!

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