Friday, April 10, 2009

Set Me Free Deux - Self Consciousness

Day one at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Its mid day and our group of five has split up leaving me some alone time with Alex (my youngest). We are in Jurassic Park and BJ, Brandon and Matthew get on the themed ride that ends with a hefty drop, offering the tumble-over-the-waterfall experience; Alex was not even trying to experience that. We opted to wait a warned two hours to get on the flying prehistoric creature ride (can't spell the actual name). There are three sets of wings with two seats suspended in the air. It takes a total of about a minute to soar above a portion of the park - you go really high and feel like you are flying.

Waiting in line usuallly brings out feelings of frustration and anticipation. I made it a point to sit down with Alex and talk about school and whatever came to mind. There is plenty to see; what I like about the wait is the landscape and the music - beautiful waterfalls. landscaped gardens and island music. From time to time I try to get Alex to shimmy with me, but thats just too embarrising, for him. I can see why they call the engineers of this park Imagineers - you need quite an imagination to come up their ideas!

I observe the Latino mother and son in front of me - I wonder if they are from the states or foreign? What country are they from? Do they speak English? I don't open my mouth. They decide after half an hour that they don't want to wait anymore and exit the line. Next there is an Indian family in front of me. The heat and wind from a nearby fan intensifies the smell of mustard coming from a sandwich, a young boy is eating.

A gentleman (waiting with his family) behind strikes up some conversation with me. Is it really going to take two hours? I share how many vehicles are involved. The father in front of me asks how long we have to go - first time on this ride is my reply. Dad in back asks me where I'm from; he's from the Orlando area. We talk about Hurricane Charley, sports and he tries to get Alex to talk. We fall into a conversation about the biggest basketball players in the NBA. Lebron and Colby are the best technical players, but in this man's opinion Dwayne Wade has the best character overall and is his favorite. Hmm. He prefers College basketball - less whinig and drama and more team comraderie- I agree. Tim Tebow comes up. He says he is the only guy he would allow to marry his daughter. Hmm. I was initially worried about what I would say to this many, but he ends up being an encouragement to me, reminding me to open my mouth when I am prompted, when the questions are forming in my head, ask them. What to do you have to lose? I am quick to believe the lie that I have nothing interesting to say or offer when in this encounter every "little thing" I shared opened up more and more discussion. In just a few minutes I felt comfortable talking to a dad who i will one day meet in heaven.

Our conversation continued about Tebow; I didn't know he always wore Phil 4:13 on his face, during his regular season games and John 3:16 only for the final championship. When asked why he chose to do this, he said he knew the increased viewing audience needed to see this message more-a missionaries heart indeed! We both agreed that the reason he is respected and accepted by those who don't want a relationship with God is that he is the real deal. So many contradict who they are, but Tim is for real.

The president comes up, but not to take on a political turn - I tell him what I heard him say "We are no longer a Christian nation, but a Nation of Citizens." Certainly a time to show others who we are. In Tina's blog (that I follow) said it plainly - they will know we are Chrisians by our love, not our protests-Amen to that!

Yeah! We are next and we only waited one hour and 15 minutes. It was all worth the wait!

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